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Tuition Payment

On this  page you can:

  • Pay your tuition per class

  • Pay your monthly tuition

  • Select and pay for a virtual class (non registered students only.) Please note that virtual classes are free for all registered in-person students.

All payments are non refundable.

Single In-Person Class Payment

Total : $50

Belly Dancing Costume

Monthly Tuition for In-Person Classes

Total: $100

Belly Dancer

Beginning Belly Dance Virtual Classes

Note: After payment, it will take anywhere from immediate to 48 hours to receive your password to enter all the Beginning Belly Dance Courses. New Beginning Belly Dance Courses are added twice a month. Do not pay this fee if you are an in-person registered student. This fee is for non-registered students only. Please note that the email address you pay with is the one that we will send you the class access password on. If this differs, please contact me here: 

Price: $20

Working on a Computer
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