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Why I Dance

Photo by Hope Black

People dance for many reasons. Most are very personal. I know belly dancers that began the art of belly dance due to injuries such as recovering from surgery, car accidents, or childbirth injuries. Belly dance is a wonderful, low impact way of effectively sculpting your body and gaining confidence and acceptance with the body you have. One belly dancer I know, dances because she enjoys being funny - she is a wonderful entertainer.

I honestly don't know anyone personally that dances to be sexy or more desirable.

So why do I dance? I dance simply because I have dreamt of dancing for a very long time. A recurring dream if you will. Those types of dreams that upon awakening you are happy to have experienced such an adventure. A happy adventure. You may have experienced some of these dreams yourself - but perhaps they involved other forms of art such as painting, figure skating, ballet, sports, or flying.

One day I decided to live my dream.

But it did not come easy. Living such a dream means that you have to practice, work very hard for it, persevere through failure, and probably the most difficult aspect is accepting the way you are, the body you were given and accepting that not all people will be understanding of your choices.

For me, it has been a journey of self acceptance and a source of incredible strength.

If your reading this, I hope you get to live your dream too.

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