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How Belly Dance Affects my Art

What we do and what we love affects other aspects of our lives. Like many people across many disciplines, I also enjoy painting.

I've noticed lately that belly dance has an influence in the style and subject of my artwork.

Much of my current work employs odalisques in middle eastern traditional clothing. Especially belly dancers posing in bedlahs, harem pants and galabeyas. Colorful tapestries, fabrics, and props - even a hookah or two are known to have their place in my work as of late.

Generally, I love to make these works in the traditional fauvist style with Matisse as primary influencer as he too had similar taste.

I've even hired belly dancers to pose for art classes I have given. Currently, I'm finishing up a painting of another belly dancer I hired and I will post it soon!

I do sell my art on Etsy but I admit my new work has a permanent place in my home and are not for sale.

Do you love to paint? What are your interests and how do your dreams affect your work?

Tell me about it and maybe I'll post it here with a link to your site or social media page!

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